About us

About Kintayo:

“Spring, cherry blossoms.
The first competition was won. A young judoka wears a white KINTAYO™ kimono and plays with the rays of the sun. The champion bows. The coach is happy. This victory is deserved”.

We would like our story to begin with an epic battle near the cherry blossoms that were beginning to bloom! But the KINTAYO™ legend began next to the beautiful Ukrainian cherry tree, back in 2016... We have come a long way, but we understand that this is just the beginning! And we are sure that our team will develop together with you and your family!


powered by victory!



KINTAYO™ is a Ukrainian brand of sportswear for martial arts (judo, aikido, jiu jitsu, combat horting or hand-to-hand combat), which offers exclusively self-made products! Production facilities are located in Pakistan.

Our friendly team offers you high-quality kimono for judo and other martial arts at a competitive price, because WE set the price tags, without intermediaries. We are happy to offer different prices depending on your goals or desires!

What makes us different from “others”?

We believe that our main difference is our products. What's so special about it? Every millimeter of the KINTAYO™ kimono, in addition to our love, contains particles of the ancient spirit of the great judo master Be-Crush-Win-San, which provide an additional boost in competitions and training sparrings!

– Okay, but can you be more specific, because particles of the spirit cannot be assessed through a monitor…” says the skeptic who has not yet managed to order from us.

-Pfft, of course, it's possible and necessary! For your convenience, we have divided everything important into points - our manager will answer him.


powered by victory!



Made from natural cotton

For different ages and ranks

Own production

Uniform for training and competitions

  • Own production – You've already heard this, BUT! This point is very important, because it makes the kimonos we offer for judo and other martial arts 100% unique merchandise!
  • – For different ages and ranks – the clothes were made so that you could take it, being a parent for your talent who has a desire to engage in wrestling, or you yourself are a real master and are looking for a kimono for yourself.
  • Made from natural cotton – strong and durable, designed to withstand strong throws and grabs from the enemy.
  • Ideal for both training and competition – a set of pants and a jacket will fit comfortably, not twist or interfere in any way. Our kimono fits perfectly and provides freedom of action and movement during any sparring.

Quality of form?

The composition of the children's kimono and adult kimono includes only 100% cotton. What does it mean? In addition to the good quality of the fabric, high reliability and durability, cotton is pleasant on the body and does not cause any discomfort even for children and their delicate skin. No synthetics - no feeling of hostility and rejection.

Since we work directly with the manufacturer in Pakistan, we have a real opportunity to monitor the quality and density of the fabric, and monitor the kimono sewing processes.

Why is our uniform charged with victory?

KINTAYO™ powered by victory is our slogan. Yes, the kimono itself will not win the victory... You must get it yourself! The kimono will give you the confidence that you can win!

Why such a low price? What's the catch?

Again, to make the kimono price reasonable, we did not reduce the quality of the products. … The price is affordable because we made it that way, eliminating the thought of working with intermediaries. There's no catch here :). The spirit of the great judo master Beat-Crush-Win-san is watching over us! Choose! Buy it! Win!

With a deep bow, your KINTAYO™ team